Femtum UltraTune 3400

Tunable ultrafast fiber laser between 3000 to > 3400 nm

Challenges with other lasers

  • Complexity
  • Mechanical tunability
  • Beam pointing issues
  • Big and expensive

Benefits with Femtum UltraTune 3400

  • Watt-level average power
  • Single mode fiber delivery
  • Electrically tunable
  • Rack mount form factor

Large tuning range and high peak powers in the mid-IR

Ideal for laser-mater interaction with various molecules like H2O, NO2 and CH4.

Hydrocarbons absorption spectrum

Hydrocarbons absorption spectrum

Depending on the material, the C-H fundamental absorption band is located in the 3.3-3.4 µm window. At these wavelengths, laser-matter interaction can be > 100 times more efficient than with near-IR lasers.

For industrial applications, the FEMTUM UltraTune 3400 combines the strong laser absorption of a UV laser (without denaturating the polymer) and the reliability and beam quality of a fiber laser.

The FEMTUM UltraTune 3400

Ultrafast, tunable and alignment-free laser for novel applications in the mid-IR.

3 – 3.4 µm


< 500 fs


30 to > 500 mW


M² < 1.3


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