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Femtum UltraTune 3400

 Tunable ultrafast fiber laser between 2800 to > 3400 nm

Depending on the material, the C-H fundamental absorption band is located in the 3.3-3.4 µm window. At these wavelengths, laser-matter interaction can be > 100 times more efficient than CO2 lasers

For industrial applications, the FEMTUM UltraTune 3400 combines the strong laser absorption of a UV laser (without denaturating the polymer) and the reliability and beam quality of a fiber laser.

Benefit from a resonant laser interaction

Femtum UltraTune 3400 can be tuned precisely for optimal interaction with organic materials

Non-metal laser processing

Thin-film ablation and marking

Polymer ablation and marking

Precise tissue ablation

Adhesive removal

Solar panel scribing

Microscopy and Sensing

Hyperspectral imaging

Water and Methane remote sensing

Mid-IR Spectral-domain OCT

CARS enhancement

Frequency comb

Unrivaled optical performance for nonlinear optics in the mid-IR

Avoid two-photons absorption, strong material dispersion and poor conversion efficiency

Supercontinuum generation

Frequency combs

Quantum optics

Pump-probe experiments

Ultrafast vibrational dynamics

THz generation


Seed source (OPO, OPA, OPCPA and DFG)

Silicon photonics

When challenging mid-IR applications require

Unique Optical Features

Fast and wide tunability from 2.8 to 3.6 µm

Single-mode fiber output = Perfect beam pointing and quality (TEM00)

High spectral brightness

Low frequency and amplitude noise

High wall-plug efficiency

Compact, robust and reliable design

Fiber laser cavity

Fiber pump combiner inside

Optimized endcaps for high-power operation

Passive or fan cooling


Plug and play setup 

Turn-key laser system

Simple software

Tablet controlled



The FEMTUM UltraTune 3400

With advanced laser technology, improve your business competitiveness with a faster, more precise laser processing. Our products reduce maintenance needs and reliance on mechanical consumables.

2.8-3.4 µm


30-1000 mW


<500 fs


M²< 1.3


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