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Femtum Ultra 2800

 The first ultrafast fiber laser in the mid-IR

Centered near the peak absorption of water, Femtum Ultra 2800 let you interact with H2O like never before!

The simplest way to do nonlinear optics in the mid-infrared

Avoid 2-photon absorption, benefit from the lower dispersion of mid-infrared materials and avoid useless light generation in the near-infrared

Supercontinuum generation

Optical Frequency Combs

Quantum optics

Pump-probe experiments

Ultrafast vibrational dynamics

THz wave generation


Seed source for OPCPA and DFG systems

Silicon photonics

When challenging mid-IR applications require

Unique Optical Features

Perfect beam for waveguide and fiber injection

High peak power and femtosecond duration

High average power for high SNR

Low amplitude and frequency noise

Compact, robust and reliable design

Fiber laser cavity

Unique fiber pump-combiner inside

Optimize end-caps for high-power operation

Passively cooled


Plug and play setup 

Self-starting mode-locked laser

Tablet controlled

Integrated ultrafast detector for monitoring



The FEMTUM Ultra 2800

Unique optical features for unique, high-impact applications

2.8 µm


10-100 mW


< 500 fs


25 - 70 MHz 


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