• Mid-infrared supercontinuum: The basics
    Mid-infrared supercontinuum sources – what are their applications and how to generate them ?
  • Mid-infrared lasers: Applications overview
    Find out why mid-infrared lasers are about to become one the most important laser technology of the 21st century.
  • Integrated photonics in the mid-infrared
    Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) figure as one of the most promising photonic technologies of the 21st century. Lets find out how mid-infrared fiber lasers can play a significant role in the development of these technologies.
  • Femtum Unveils First Fiber Amplifier in the Mid-IR
    Answering to a growing demand for source amplification in the mid-IR, Femtum is proud to release its new product: the Amp 2800 fiber amplifier. “Our latest addition to the portfolio enables unparalleled amplification with gains of up to 30 dB around 2.8 µm. With its user-friendly and simple interface, anyone can now amplify their sources…

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