Our Added Values

Smarter laser energy at the sample

Benefit from mid-IR absorption bands
  • > 100 times more absorbing
  • Resonant laser-matter interaction
  • Covers the fundamental O-H and C-H bands
  • Higher absorption = higher precision + speed
Improve your optical performance
  • High average power (Watt level)
  • Diffraction-limited laser beam (TEM00)
  • Ultrashort pulses down to 100 fs
  • Can cover the 2.8 to 4 µm range
Built to last
  • Fiber laser technology inside
  • Efficient, all-fiber diode pumping
  • Fiber tip protections
  • Passive cooling
Plug and play setup
  • Start your experiment within seconds
  • Turn-key lasers
  • Simple software
  • Tablet controlled

Microprocessing Applications

With Femtum technology, improve your business competitiveness with a more efficient, precise and faster laser processing of non-metals. Our products reduce maintenance needs and reliance on consumables. 

Unlock New Photonic Research

Stop wasting your time with laser alignment and focus on your next discovery. Our innovative fiber lasers provide unrivaled specs and performance to enable novel scientific research in the mid-infrared.

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Benefit from FEMTUM Expertise

Fiber lasers in the mid-infrared region is our passion

All-inclusive Service

Our team will assist from your idea through the final installation of the laser. We are dedicated to help you find an adapted solution for your application.

Patents and know-how

Over the past decades, we have developed a unique know-how and patented technologies to make a difference in the laser industry.

Working with a world-class optics center

Based in Quebec City, Canada, our laser technologies were developed at the Center of optics, photonics, and lasers (COPL)