Access mid-infrared applications with a fiber laser

Femtum is a unique provider of mid-infrared pulsed fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and tunable lasers for scientific, medical and industrial use.

We build mid-infrared fiber lasers

Femtum is born from a strong desire to unleash the potential of mid-infrared lasers all over the world. Our mission is to help industrial manufacturers and scientific teams to solve their most demanding requirements, from selective laser microprocessing to state-of-the-art mid-IR spectroscopy.

Microprocessing Applications

Discover the power of mid-IR selective laser processing using Femtum fiber lasers

Scientific Applications

Stop wasting your time with laser alignment and focus on your next mid-infrared discovery

Our Products

Femtum offers a range of fiber laser products including ultrafast lasers, ns lasers, tunable lasers and amplifiers.

Femtum Nano 2800

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