Access mid-infrared applications with a fiber laser

Femtum is a unique provider of mid-infrared pulsed fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and tunable lasers for scientific, medical and industrial use.

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We build mid-infrared fiber lasers

Femtum is born from a strong desire to unleash the potential of mid-infrared lasers all over the world. Our mission is to help industrial manufacturers and scientific teams to solve their most demanding requirements, from selective laser microprocessing to state-of-the-art mid-IR spectroscopy.

Microprocessing Applications

Discover the power of mid-IR selective laser processing using Femtum fiber lasers

Scientific Applications

Stop wasting your time with laser alignment and focus on your next mid-infrared discovery

Our Added Values

Benefit from mid-IR absorption bands

Selective laser-matter interaction
Similar absorption as UV lasers
High precision & speed

Benefit from the mid-infrared absorption band

High power in the

Watt-level average power
Diffraction-limited beam quality (TEM00)
Short pulses down to 100 fs
Can cover the 2.8 to 3.4 µm range

Built to last and meet your demanding environments

Built to last

Fiber components inside
Fiber tip protections
Passive cooling

Plug and play setup - no expert needed to operate

Start your experiment within seconds

Turn-key lasers
User-friendly computer software included

Our Products

Femtum offers a range of fiber laser products including ultrafast lasers, ns lasers, tunable lasers and amplifiers.

Femtum Nano 2800

Knowledge & Support

Femtum raises more than $5 million in oversubscribed seed round to speed growth in advanced laser solutions for semiconductor manufacturing

Quebec City, Canada, January 18, 2024 — Femtum, a leading manufacturer of laser solutions for advanced manufacturing, announces today the successful completion of an oversubscribed seed round, securing over $5 million in funding. The round accelerates the commercialization of cutting-edge mid-infrared fiber lasers tailored to semiconductor manufacturers. The funding is co-led by ELAS Technology Investment,…

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